make your own slingbox with iptv encoder

Slingbox is a must-have for those who find it inconceivable to miss a second of their show just because they’re away from home. how make your own slingbox with iptv encoder ?

This device allows you to watch the channels of your own television package, regardless of where you are in the world from an electronic device with a high-speed Internet connection.

Listen live to your television on your tablet while traveling overseas?

This is a great example of what can be done with a Slingbox.


What is a Slingbox?
A Slingbox is a small black box that you connect to your TV terminal as well as your router and which allows you to listen to live television regardless of your location. It can be from a desktop or laptop computer (Mac and Windows), a tablet, a smartphone, etc.

Not only can you listen to it in real time, but you can record shows, rewind, forward or press pause and change channels using a virtual remote control.

The Slingbox is used more for watching television, but you can also connect it to a digital video recorder (DVR) to view its recordings, to a security camera to keep an eye on your home and to many other devices that have a A/V port.


Slingbox models
Three Slingbox models are available on the market: the Slingbox 350, the Slingbox M1 and the SlingTV. The 3 models allow television to be broadcast in HD (1080p) on a tablet, a smartphone or a computer (PC or Mac).


For a more affordable and basic model, we choose the Slingbox 350 or the Slingbox M1, while if we want to take advantage of all the options available, we opt for the SlingTV.

How it works?
For the magic to work, all you have to do is connect your digital decoder (or other device) to the Slingbox and link it to your network router (a high-speed Internet connection is required).

Once that’s done, all you have to do is create an account on from a computer and configure your Slingbox device.

If the objective is to listen to television on a mobile device, it is necessary to install the Slingplayer application on the device in question.

More info on the Slingplayer app

Slingbox iPhone

tablet sling box

In short, the Slingbox can be a very practical device for those who travel, as well as for those who have a second home, a chalet, etc.

However, do not forget to monitor your bandwidth (that of the computer at home and that of the mobile device used). For example, those who plan to watch content on their smartphone on 3G or 4G must be careful not to exceed the amount of data allowed in their plan, because it can be expensive.

Make Your Own Slingbox With IPTV Encoder (Step by Step)

If you would like to observe your favorite television shows when you’re off from home, but don’t want to pay money for a Slingbox, you’ll be able to make your own! All you wish is an IPTV encoder. This guide will show you the way to line up your own DIY Slingbox so you’ll watch TV anywhere.

In this article i will be able to show you the way you’ll be able to Make Your Own Slingbox With IPTV Encoder?

Let’s start.

What is a slingbox and why would you wish to form one?
A slingbox could be a device that permits you to observe TV from anywhere within the world. All you would like is an online connection. you’ll be able to even watch TV on your phone with a slingbox.

Slingboxes are great for those that travel often or who have relations who live far. With a slingbox, you’ll be able to continue together with your favorite shows irrespective of where you’re. Plus, it’s way cheaper than paying for cable or satellite television service.

If you’re curious about making your own slingbox, all you would like is an IPTV encoder. An IPTV encoder could be a device that connects to your TV and converts the signal into digital data that may be streamed over the web.

What you’ll need: list of hardware and software needed
If you would like to look at your favorite TV shows while you’re faraway from home, you’ll do so by fitting a Slingbox. this may be done by using an IPTV encoder, which is able to enable you to observe TV over the web. Here’s what you’ll need so as to line up a Slingbox:

An IPTV encoder. There are many alternative sorts of IPTV encoders available on the market, so take care to settle on one that’s compatible together with your TV.
A Slingbox. Again, there are many various models available, so make sure to decide on one that’s compatible along with your IPTV encoder.
An internet connection. this is often necessary so as to stream the TV signal from your IPTV encoder to your Slingbox. Although you will not have an online connection in your primary home, you will be ready to founded a Wi-Fi hotspot together with your movable or another device.
A subscription to IPTV service provider.
Setting up the IPTV encoder: step by step guide
If you would like to look at your favorite shows while you’re faraway from home, you’ll be able to do so by putting in place an IPTV encoder. Here’s a step-by-step orient a way to do it:

Connect your TV to the IPTV encoder using an HDMI cable.
Configure the IPTV encoder’s network settings. You’ll must enter the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
Set up port forwarding on your router. this may allow incoming traffic from the web to succeed in your IPTV encoder.
Install the Slingplayer software on your computer. this may allow you to control your TV from anywhere within the world.
Configure the Slingplayer software with the IP address of your IPTV encoder.
Configuring your router: port forwarding, etc.
If you’re looking to induce the foremost out of your IPTV encoder, you’ll have to configure your router for port forwarding. Port forwarding allows your encoder to speak with the net in order that you’ll be able to stream your content to other devices. Here’s a way to set it up:

1. Find the IP address of your IPTV encoder. this could be found within the device’s menu or within the documentation that came with it.

2. Log into your router’s web interface and find the port forwarding section. Add a brand new rule and enter the IP address of your encoder furthermore because the port number that it uses for streaming (usually 554).

3. Save your changes and restart your router. Your IPTV encoder should now be able to hook up with the web and stream content to other devices.

Testing it out: accessing your TV from anywhere

In the past, if you wanted to observe your TV from anywhere, you had to shop for a Slingbox. But now, with an IPTV encoder, you’ll make your own Slingbox and access your TV from anywhere within the world.

To test it out, first connect your IPTV encoder to your home router. Then, using the Slingplayer app on your phone or tablet, connect with your IPTV encoder. Once you’re connected, you must be ready to watch live TV from anywhere within the world.

If you would like to record shows or movies, you’ll have to connect a USB memory device to your IPTV encoder. Then, open the Slingplayer app and attend the recording tab. From there, you’ll choose which show or movie you would like to record.

Conclusion: benefits of getting a slingbox
There are many benefits of getting a slingbox, including the power to observe your favorite TV shows and flicks from anywhere within the world. With a slingbox, you’ll be able to also record live TV and pause, rewind, and fast forward through commercials. Additionally, you’ll be able to use your slingbox to look at on-demand content from your cable or satellite provider.

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